Colonial Modernity

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Edited by: Pradip Basu
Published Year: May,2011
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Pages: viii+248
ISBN: 9789380677132

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About the Book

This book is a humble effort to understand how the various aspects of Indian society engaged with western modernity which pervaded her along with British colonialism. The point of critique of colonial modernity is, however, not unilinear and mechanical. In modernity, contradictory trends work. While modernity had its colonial implications in our politics and economy, culture and above all, epistemology, all at once it prompted an understanding of its own limitations. Ironically, this critical understanding is, at least partly, a contribution of modernity. Researchers in this book made interesting and original investigations into experiences of colonial modernity in India as well as its present day implications in relation to a wide variety of issues.


Life  in a Metro
Colonised Modernity and Judicial Process in Indian Vis-a-visa Administration of Criminal Justice
Colonial Modernity and Dilemma of Muslim Women’s Freedom in India

Editor Pradip Basu Associate Professor, Political Science, Scottish Church College [Calcutta University (CU)]; Guest Lecturer, Post-Graduate Departments of Political Science & Philosophy, CU; chief editor, Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences; Some of his significant books are. Naxalbari-r Purbakshan, 1998. Towards Naxalbari, 2000. (Ed.) Discourses on Naxalite Movement, 2010. . Postmodernism Marxism Postcolonialism, 2010. Uttar Adhunik Rajniti , 2010.(Ed.) Avenel Companion to Modern Social Theorists, 2011.

Life in a Metro
Colonial Modernity and Judicial Process in India visa-a-vis Administration of Criminal Justice
Colonial Modernity and Dilemma of Muslim Women’s Freedom in India
A Pilgrim in Search of the Picturesque
Colonial Culture, Modernity and the Kashmiri Pandits
Roots of Dissension
Indian Foreign Policy in South Asia
Shakespeare’s Rommeo and Julite
Performative Modernity
Values of Colonial Modernity and Bureaucracy in India
Calcutta and its Urban Space
Madness Engendered
Agrarian Land Use Pattern in Colonial an Post-Colonial India
The Romance of Ezhava-Hindus
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