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Exploring The Green Horizon

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Edited by : Amit Bhattacharyya, Nupur Dasgupta, Rupkumar Barman
Year: January 2013
Pages: 184
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-93-80677-39-2(Pb)

About the Book

This volume seeks to address different aspects of environmental history — the inter-relationships between man and environment, from urban elite perception of nature as seen through the texts of Kalidasa to the modern perception as seen through the texts of Tarasankar, classical concept of ‘agro-ecology’, problems of environmental disaster and forced migration, special economic zones and its impact on nature and human beings. It explains how the highest peak of the world was renamed ‘Mt. Everest’ in colonial interest, British forest policy in India, binaries of the American meta-narratives on nature and civilization, global warming and how environment affects the status of tribal women in the Jangal Mahal region of West Bengal. The volume also debates on related issues. Here one can have a glimpse of nature-human beings relationships over the ages and how state policies dictate such policies over the ages from the days of yore to modern times.

Dr. Amit Bhattacharyya, a Professor of History, Jadavpur University, is currently the Coordinator, UGC-SAP Phase II History and presently engaged in research on the Maoist movement in India.
Dr. Nupur Dasgupta, a Professor of History, Jadavpur University, is presently engaged in research on Hitory of Science.
Dr. Rup Kumar Barman, an Associated Professor of History, is currently the Deputy Coordinator UGC-SAP Phase II, History and presently engaged in research on forced migration, displacement, problems of settlement in India and Bangladesh.

From the Editors’ Desk – : Amit Bhattacharyya, Nupur Dasgupta, Rupkumar Barman
The Environmental Frontier of History – J. Donald Hughes
Nature in a Unique Terrain: The works of kalidasa – Chandrani Banerjee Mukherjee
Ritualised Agro-ecology in the B? hatsa?hita: The interface of scientific information and religion in ancient Indian knowledge system – Nibabari Banerjee
Naming Morality of the Mount Everest – Mohammed Sohrabuddin
The dichotomy in the Development of Colonial Indian Forestry Research: Theory and practice – Priyanka Guha Roy
The Double-Faced Nature of the American Dream: Conservation destruction in US history – Christof Mauch
Forced Migration, Environmental Refugees and State Policies: Indian scenario in global context –Rup Kumar Barman
Special Economic Zones in India: Nature and impact a case study of the Falta SEZ and an alternative model of development – Amit Bhattacharyya
Ecology and the Status of Tribal Women in Jangal Mahal of west Bengal –Debasree De
Nature,Peasant Society Change: The world of Tarasankar bondyapadhyay
Energy Planning in India: Misplaced priorities – Sujay Basu
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