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Following Forkhead Paths : Discussions on the Narrative

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Author: Debashree Dattaray, Epsita Haldar, Sudip Bhattacharya
Year:  First Published in August 2017
Pages: VIII+ 317
Binding: Paperback

About the Book

The essays focus on the ‘narrative’ as a form of ordering and cognition in any medium : language, visual media, performance or film. The volume invites interdisciplinary dialogues on the dynamic nature of the narrative and highlights the processes by which the narrative shapes socio-political, historical, literary and cultural forms. Incorporating recent developments in narrative theory and technologies, the volume is an invaluable resource for scholars in women’s studies, new media communications, culture studies, indigenous studies, sociology, literature and other areas in the humanities and the social sciences .

Debashree Dattaray is Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University . She is author of Oral Traditions of the North-East: A Case Study of Karbi Oral Traditions(2015) and has co-edited

At the Crossroads of literature and Culture(2016).

Epsita Halder is Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University . She has been working on the Muharram traditions, a part of which has been done with the art Research and Documentation Grant of India Foundation for the arts, Bangalore . She has published on Muslim popular piety and religion .

Sudip Bhattacharya is Associate Professor in the Department of English at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira (Autonomous) , Belur Math. His publications include The Strange Case of Lord Pivot (2013) and Unseen Enemy: The English, Disease, and Medicine, in Colonial Bengal 1617-1847(2014).

Following Forkhead Paths:
Discussions on the Narrative
Edited by
Debashree Dattaray
Epsita Halder
Sudip Bhattacharya

Debashree Dattaray , Epsita Halder ,Sudip Bhattacharya .
Memory And History
Chapter 1: On changes in New Zealand Maori Narrative: How an Indigenous Culture Egages the Modern World .
Peter Keegan .
Chapter 2: Mosera Myth of Karbi Migration: Memorising
History / H istoricising Memory .
Dharamsing Teron .
Chapter 3: Memory and History in Fiction: An Analysis of Bangla Written Narratives in the Aftermath of Partition of India
Debarati Chakraborty .
Chapter 4: Native Place on the other Side of the Border: Identity and Community .
Prajna Paromita Podder .
Chapter 5: A Portrayal of the 19th Century Reconstructed from Four Significant Gujarati Travelogues .
Urvi Tevar .
Sexual Difference And The Narrative
Chapter 6: Sexual Difference:
Breaking the ‘Other’ Monolith . Sayan Bhattacharya .
Chapter 7: Encountering mimesis and the question of sexual difference
With Luce Irigaray , Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe and Jacques Darrida: Reading Otherwise . Rajlaxmi Ghosh .
Gestures As Narrative
Chapter 9: “The Spirit Lives in the Mind” : multicentric Narrative Memory in the Rez plays of Tomson Highway and street plays of Budhan Theatre . Dheeman Bhattacharyya.
Chapter 10:Thinking of Indian ‘ Modernity’: Ameeting point of Rabindra-Naritya and the classical idiom of Bharatnatyam .
Debaroti Chakraborty .Science , Empiricism And Myth
Chapter11: Notes Toward A Gathering: Sciences and Methodologies .
Anirban Das .
Chapter 12:The Literary, the comparative and the National: Some Conjectures . Sourav Kargupta .
Chapter 13: The Humanity of the superhuman and The myth of the Hero :Sources of Vraisemblance in the Superhero Comic Book .
S. Satish Kumar .
Chapter 14: Reading Ajantrik :Talking Technicity . Ritu Sen Chaudhuri.
New Media And The Narrative
Chapter 15: Mediated Narrations: Contemporary Bollywood films and the Digital Interface . Madhuja Mukherjee .
Chapter 16: Digital Collaboration and the New Writing: On Possible Paths of the New Narrative . Koel Mitra.


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