Human Rights In India

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Edited by: Amit Bhattacharyya & Bimal Kanti Ghosh
Published in: January 2010
ISBN: 9788190327213(PB), 9788190327237(HB)
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About the Book

1. Human rights in India: Introducing the Subject
2. The Concept of Human Rights in Sanskrit Literature
3. Buddhism and Human Rights
4. Humanity and human Rights in Islam
5. State and Human Rights: A Case Study of West Bengal
6. Extraordinary Powers and Human Rights
7. Evolution of Civil Rights in India
8. ‘Struggle there must be’
9. Human Rights and the Constitution of India
10. Prisoners in Exile: A Case study Of the Adamans
11. Treat them with Dignity
12. Women Prisoners of West Bengal
13. ‘You will confess everything’
14. Policy of the Indian State: Nagalim and Human Rights
15. Vocal music and Human Rights
16. B.R. Ambedkar and Dalit Ideology: A subaltern study
17. Labour in the age of Globalisation and Human Rights
18. Living on the edge
19. History of Civil Liberties movements: as outline
20. State Repression in West Bengal
21. Appendix: Civil Liberties movement and revolutionary violence


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