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Human Rights In India : Historical Perspectives & Challenges Ahead

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Author: Amit Bhattacharyya and Bimal Kanti Ghosh.
Year: Second Edtion: June 2017
Pages: XVI+ 408
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 8799380677996

About the Book

Human rights- though seems to be a new genre- is as old as the human civilization. The quest for a dignified life has led people time and again to die in order to live . The present edited volume has unveiled the historical perspective of human rights and the challenges ahead from the ancient to the modern days of Indian history.

The present discourse is a ready reference material for the students of History, Political Science , activists of Civil Rights organizations  and Non-governmental organizations, Government policy- makers, Advocates, and general readers.

Amit Bhattacharyya is presently a professor of History at Jadavpur University . His areas of research include the Economic History of Modern India , History of Modern China , Human Rights , People’s Movements etc. He is  associated with civil rights movements.

Bimal Kanti Ghosh is a former teacher in the Department of History of Jadavpur University for many years and his areas  of interest are administrative and political history of Modern India.

Human Rights in India
Historical Perspective and Challenges Ahead
Edited by
Amit Bhattacharyya & Bimal Kanti Ghosh
1. Human Rights in India : Introducing the Subject Debi Chatterjee
2.The Concept of Human Rights in Sanskrit Literature
Bijoya Goswami
3. Budddhism and Human Rights Madhumita Chattopadhyay
4. Humanity and Human Rights in Islam Osman Ghani
5. State and Human Rights : A Case Study of West Bengal
Jaimalya Bagchi
6. Extraordinary Powers and Human Rights Amitdyuti Kumar
7. Evolution of Civil Rights in India Dipankar Chakrabarty
8. ‘Struggle there must be’ Nilanjan Dutta
9. Human Rights and Constitution of India Bikash Ranjan
10. Prisoners in Exile: A Case Study of the Andamans
Ranjan Chakrabarti
11. Treat them with Dignity: Portrait of Indian Prison Minakshi Sen
12. Women Prisoners of West Bengal and Human Rights: An Overview
Shreya Bhattacharji
13. ‘You will confess everything’: My ordeal of fighting the so-called war
Against terror SAR Geelani
14. Policy of the Indian State : Nagalim and Human Rights
Amit Bhattacharyya
15. Vocal Music and Human Rights Kabir Suman
16. B.R.Ambedkar and Dalit Ideology: A subaltern study
Chittabrata Palit
17. Labour in the age of Globalization and Human Rights
Debabrata Panda
18. Living on the edge : The Experience Along The Bank of The Ganga in
Malda District, West Bengal Kalyan Rudra
19. History of Civil Liberties movements : an outline Sujato Bhadra
20. State Repression in West Bengal: Violation of Human Rights and the
Bandi Mukti Committee Amit Bhattacharyya
21. Demand for Smaller States; A Democratic Rights Perspective: A Case
Of Telengana Movement For Separate State S.Seshaiah
22. Beyond the Legal Labyrinth : Reflections on the Political Economy of
AFSPA in Manipur Malem Ningthouja
23. Thoughts on Human Rights in India, Rabindranath Tagore and the
Movement for the Release of Political Prisoners
Amit Bhattacharyya
24. The State of Impunity: Human Rights in Kashmir
Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahamad Sikander
25. Appendix : Civil Liberties movement and revolutionary Violence
K. Balagopal


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