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Is The Torch Passing?

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Author: Robert Weil
Year: August, 2013
Pages: 344
Binding: PB
ISBN: 978-93-80677-40-8

About the Book

Building on his extensive studies of China and the struggle for socialism, Robert Weil examines the revolutionary and popular movements in India. Through his analysis we witness the courage, endurance, and persistence of the Indian and Chinese people, as a basis for our revolutionary optimism. He also foresees the possibility of popular movements and Maoists in both countries joining forces to fight their common enemy and win. Anyone who is seriously concerned about the future of these two great nations should read: Is the Torch Passing?
Pao-yu of Economics Emerita at Marygrove College Detroit, Michigan, USA

Robert Weil unfolds the dialectical relation between the concept of social transformation and revolutionary praxis and once again with persuasive argument reaffirms the import of people’s struggles in realizing just political governance. A must read for activists,students and researchers of social movements and critical studies in social science.
Swapna Banerjee-Guhsa,

Professor of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

A Clear, direct account of the revolutionary tradition in China and India, placing the Cultural Revolution and Naxalbari in the line of the Paris Commune and October. Will help cut through the maze of postcolonial and ‘end oh history’ ideologies.
Saroj Giri
Associate Professor of Political Science, Delhi University, New Delhi.

Great turmoil under heaven in china and India
Part I
We Have Been Here Before
Chinese Working Class Resistance and the Revolutionary Left
City of Youth
The Dtruggle for Socialism Under Imperialism
Part II
What Difference Does a Revolution Make
China and India
Conclusion: Revolutionry unity in India and China

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