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Modernity of India: Ambiguities and Deformities

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Edited by: Ashim Kumar Sarkar , Kaushik Chakroborty, Manas Dutta
Pages: XX + 242
Published in: September 2014
Binding: PB
ISBN: 978-93-80677-68-2

About the Book

The discourse addresses different opinions about the term ‘modernity’ in India both in the colonial and in the post-colonial times. The reader considers both the ambiguities and deformities of the ‘modernity’. The eleven articles subdivided in three sections in this book try to explicate the dichotomy of the term ‘modernity’ and came to a conclusion that the legacy of the term is still prevail with us. The essays have been arranged within broad thematic heads. The first segment deals with the trajectories of development mainly in the agriculture, environment and communication. The next part discusses the ambiguities of culture while the third section investigates the army and the colonial legacy in India both the colonial and post-colonial periods. The concluding section explains the diverse meaning of resistance.

This volume will further intensify interest of scholars,researchers and students.

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