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Political Sociology

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Author: Edited by Pradip Basu
Year: April 2015
Pages: 128
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-93-80677-71-2

About the Book

This book is meant for the students of political sociology studying under various Indian universities. The chapters have been written in an easy and lucid style. The purpose of the book is to introduce students to the variety of concepts now regarded as basic to political sociology. The chapters have, however, been updated with latest developments in the respective domains. While many of the conventional topics of political sociology have been considered in this book by different contributors, some new and latest topics have also been included to arouse interest in the students.
Dr. Pradip Basu is Professor of Political Science, Presidency University; Founder-Editor, Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences; formerly at CSSSC, ICSSR and Scottish Church College. Authored Books: Naxalbari-r Purbakshan ; Towards Naxalbari; Uttar Adhunik Rajniti O Marxbad ; Postmodernism, Marxism, Postcolonialism; Uttar Adhunik Rajniti . Edited Books: Discourses on Naxalite Movement; Avenel Companion to Modern Social Theorists; Colonial Modernity; Red on Silver; Modern Social Thinkers; Monone Srijone Naxalbari.

Political sociology: definition, Nature and Scope – Ketaki Dwivedi
Social Bases of politics – Sujay Ghosh
The Essence of power : connotations of a Contested concept – Zaad Mahamood
Political Culture – Shilpa Shaw
Political Socialisation : Nature Types Agencies – Siuli Mukherjee
Nationalism in west Europe – Namrata Kothari
Process of State Formation in Third World –Swagata Saha
Social Stratification –Payal Bose Biswas
Social Change – Basabi Chakraborty
Political System : Types and Classification – Manoj Kumar
Political Communication – Sarabjit Kaur
Political Participation – Maitrayee Guha
Pressure Group – Satrajit Banerjee
Electorate and Electoral Behaviour in India – Pratip Chattopadhyay
Civil Society – Madhura Damle
Political sociology of Law : An Interdisciplinary Approach – Debasis Poddar
Politics, Society and Migration – Vanita Banjan
Multiculturalism, Cultural Diversity and Identity politics – Tamanna Khosla
Political sociology postmodernism – Pradip Basu


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