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Red on Silver: Naxalites in Cinema

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Author: Edited by Pradip Basu
Year: March, 2012
Size: 140m.mx210m.m
Pages: xv+458
Binding: HB/PB
ISBN: 978-93-80677-23-1 (Hb)
978-93-80677-22-4 (Pb)

About the Book

Social upheavals left a deep impression on the very fabric of any society. The audio visual media in general and cinema in particular used to romanticize and imbue the audience with its content from its inception. The account analyses those political movies which represent a red political movement on the silver screen featuring Naxalites.

In this pioneer academic probe into the varied responses of political cinema to the Naxalite movement, different researchers have tried to understand the representation of the Naxalites in the films. The depiction registers the diverse aspects of the Naxalite movement, using different theoretical tools, keeping the contemporary perspectives in mind. The book consists of twenty seven research papers which are original, unpublished and referenced.

Editor Pradip Basu : Ph.D. on Naxalism : Faculty, Presidency University; Guest faculty, Post Graduate departments of Political Science and Philosophy, Calcutta University; author/edited books : Towards Naxa(bari, Discourses on Naxalite Movement, Postmodernism Marxism Postcolonialism, Colonial Modernity, Avenel Companion to Modern Social Theorists etc.


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