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The ‘ Spring Thunder ‘ and Kolkata : An epic story of courage and sacrifice 1965-72

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Author: Amit Bhattacharyya
Year: First Published in January 2018
Pages: XXVIII +162
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-81-933898-1-2

About the Book

The city of Kolkata was known as a city of processions and demonstrations until the ‘Spring Thunder’ crashed over Naxalbari in 1967. Since then, this historic city–shot down many a time–witnessed a saga of heroic struggles, undying revolutionary optimism and self-sacrifice. Inspired by Mao Tse-tung Thought and Charu Mazumdar, radical youth, students and workers rebelled against reaction to ‘make the ’70s the decade of Liberation’ in a way never seen before or after.

This is the first modest attempt at writing the history of the city during that tumultuous phase. It includes rare photographs of activists, buildings and columns of importance and cover pages of original Party booklets and leaflets.

Amit Bhattacharyya is a former Professor of History, Jadavpur University. His major books include ‘Swadeshi Enterprise in Bengal’ 1878-1920 and 1920-47 (in two volumes), ‘Human Rights in India’ and ‘Storming the Gates of Heaven’.

Contents :
Chapter 1 : Ideological Debates 1953-67

Early liife Of Charu Mazumdar, Kolkata in the 1940s : The Cultural Mileu, Mao Tse Tung and the Communist Party Of China Ring the bell, The ‘Great Debate’, the CPI splits, the birth of the CPI(M). Revolutionary Communist takes root, The Historic ‘Eight Documents “ of Charu Mazumdar, Circumstances leading to Naxalbari, Situation in parts of south Bengal ( Kolkata and 24 Parganas), ‘Chinta’ group / ‘Dakshin Desh’ group , ‘The Spring Thunder’

Chapter 2 : Naxalbari and After 1967-72

A. Pre- Naxalbari Phase,
B. Post -Naxalbari Phase
Efflorescence of Creativity, Formation of the West Bengal state Coordination Committee, Deshabrati and Liberation, Formation of the AICCR, a Remarkable document on Revolutionary Youth and Student Movement, Bloody Fratricidal Battle, Rallies demanding Release of Political Prisoners,
C. Formation of the CPI(ML) and after ( April 1969 to July 1972)
‘Annihilation of Class enemies’ , Party Organization, Workers in the Revolutionary Movement, Party Organs, ‘Deshabrati’ Sasanka and ‘ Liberation ‘, Urban Youth and students in the Revolutionary Movement, My Days in Presidency college, Social Crimes : security of Women, Iconoclastic Activities , Response of the Police to the Revolutionary Movement as Recorded in the ‘Calcutta Police Gazette’, Fake Encounter Killings by the Police and the Cossipore- Baranagar Bloodbath, Revolts in Prisons and Prison-breaks, Role of the Lumpens in the Movement, Conflicts over Tactical Line within the CPI(ML), State Offensive, Arrest and Death of Charu Mazumdar in lalbazar Police Lock-up, Epilogue

Appendix I
Draft Political Programme For The Revolutionary Student and Youth Movement.

Appendix II
Statement of Shankar Roy Chowdhury , a resident of jadavpur- Haltu area and Naxalite activist as recorded in black and white by the author in 1990.

Appendix III
List of Martyred activists of jadavpur- Haltu – Dhakuria Area (Incomplete)

Appendix IV
List of Martyred Students of Jadavpur University

Appendix V
Leaflet No 1: Students and Youth, Unite with the Workers and Landless Peasants !! Integrate with them !!!

Appendix VI
Leaflet No. 2.: Why are the Revolutionary College Students not participating in College Union Elections ?

Appendix VII
Leaflet No 3 : Srikakulam Massacre will be avenged in West Bengal

Appendix VIII
Leaflet No 4 : Rember the glorious sacrifices of the four great martyrs of the Communist
Of India (Ml). Let tears turn into anger, let sorrows turn into hatred, let each and every murder be avenged upon.

Appendix IX
Leaflet No 5: March on to the path of Agrarian Revolution

Appendix X
Leaflet No 6 : Resist the Collective Onslaught on the Revolutionary workers by the Congress and CPI(M)


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