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Transformation of China 1840-1969

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Author: Amit Bhattacharyya
First Published in: September 2007
ISBN: 9788190327251

About the Book

The discourse traces the path that China traversed from 1840-1969. In the first phase feudal China was transformed into a semi-feudal and semi-colonial China. In the second phase, the teeming multitude of the world over saw how the country, the happy hunting ground of different imperialist powers was transformed into a new democratic China through revolutionary means. This was followed by her change into a socialist country through co-operatives, Communes, Socialist Education Movement and the Cultural Revolution.
The text is the first of its kind written by an Indian author. It imparts us an in depth analysis of the history of modern China. It meets demand of undergraduate and post graduate students of all over the country. The lucid and simple style of writing and chronology of events is sure to have an apt attention of general readers.

Dr. Amit Bhattacharyya was educated at Presidency College and Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Presently he is a professor of History at Jadavpur University. The author has been teaching the history of modern China at Jadavpur University for many years. His other areas of interest are Economic History of Modern India, Ancient India, human rights , Models of development and peoples movements etc.

Chapter: 1
Ancient China: Society, Economy, Politics.
Chapter: 2
Confucius and Confucian Ideology
Chapter: 3
Western Capitalist Penetration in Feudal China-‘
Chapter: 4
Peasant Rebellions: stages and Nature:
Chapter: 5
Attempt at ‘Westernization’ and  the prospect of the dismemberment of China
Chapter: 6
The Reform Movement(1898) or The ‘Hunderd Days’ Reform’ and the Later
Chapter: 7
Sun Yet-sen(1866-1925) and the Sin Hai Revolution(Revolution of 1911)
Chapter: 8
The may 4 Movement of 1919
Chapter: 9
Women and the Chinese Revolution
Chapter: 10
Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese Revolution:
Chapter: 11
China from the establishment of the new order to the Cultural Revolution(1949-69)
Chapter: 12
An assessment of Mao Tse-tung.

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