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Understanding Maoists

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Author: N. Venugopal
Year: January 2013
Pages: 320
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789380677422 (pb)

About the Book

Though Andhra Pradesh occupies a major place in the Maoist movement, a commensurate and comprehensive account on the origin and growth of the movement is not available. There has been a felt need for such a comprehensive narration of the multi-layered movement for a long time. This volume of collected essays chronicling various aspects of the Maoist movement in the state is a step in the direction of developing such a work.

N. Venugopal has been an observer of the movement since 1970. A poet, literary critic, translator, social scientist, journalist and public speaker, he published 15 original books in Telegu and as many translations from English into Telegu, besides editing a number of volumes. He is currently editor of Veekshanam, Telegu Monthly Journal of Political Economy and Society, Hyderabad


Preface: Part fulfilment of ‘Duty to Give’

Section I Context
1. Fifty Years of Development- Light and Shadow.
2. Social Movements as Motive Force
3. Impact of External Funding
4. Chandrababu Naidu’s Myths and Reality
5. Pests on a Farmer’s Life

Section II People’s Movements
6. Growth of Naxalite Movement in AP (1967-96)
7. Maoist Analysis of Agrarian Transformation
8. The Dream for ‘Land , Livelihood and Liberation’
9. Social Movements and Radical Questions
10. Tendu Leaf Labours in Telangana
11. Politics of Nuclear Power
12. Naxalite Movement and Working Class
13. Talks and People’s Consciousness

Section III Repression
14. Fake Encounters-Story from Andhra Pradesh
15. Singing About About Dark Times
16. Attempt on Gaddar’s Life
17. Vakapalli –Impunity of the Grey Hounds
18. Where Writing Become Unlawful- Ban on Virasam
19. Dilemma between Carrot and Stick- Critique of Prakash Singh

Section IV Culture
20. Revolutionary Rhapsodies
21. Literature from Underground
22. Literature from Dadakaranya
23. Telugu Revolutionary Literature- Growth and Patterns

Section V Departed Friends
24. Cherabandaraju
25. KVR
26. K G Kannabiran
27. Cherukuri Rajkumar (Azad)
28. R S Rao
29. Mallojula Koteswara Rao ( Kishenji)


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