Post-Colonial Democracy in India

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Author: Apurba Mukhopadhyay
Binding: HB
ISBN: 9789380677217

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About the Book

The discourse is a study of Post Colonial Democracy in India. The lopsided nature of India democracy and its institutions are analysed from a non-western and popular cultural perspective that is specifically India in ethos. The fall out of economic reforms, religious political fabric are discussed in lucid language. The conflict between judiciary and legislature, state character, and above all the practice of Parliamentary left in India will evoke readers’ interest. The charm of India democracy, notwithstanding the trauma of the Post-Colonial State’s failure in socio-economic sphere, is bought out in a critical and dispassionate mould with the aim of fathoming the urges and concerns of the people which are in sharp contrast with Western experiences.

1. The Third World State in International Politics: Search for An Alternative Theoretical Strategy in the Indian Context
2. Economic Reforms: Drawing New Political Battelines
3. Indian Democracy In The Era of globalization
4. Zealous judges and Jealous Politicians: Stinking politics in a Sinking State
5. Religion Politics and Comunalization: the Colonial-Post Colonial Continuum
6. The Practice of Untouchability And The Policy of Reservation: From B.R.Ambedkar to Mandal Commission
7. State and Civil Socity : Dialogue between the Deaf and the Dumb in India
8. State, Society and Nation: Imaginaries of Tagore’s ‘Non-Nation’ and Gandhi’s Non-State Nation?
9. Parliamentary Communism in India: Some Paradoxes and Puzzels
10. Communism in Kerala
11. The State-Sociologically Speaking
12. When Both the Cat and the Mouse go Terrorist!
13. Politics And The Teaching of Political Science in India: A Personal Commentary


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