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30 years of Dandakaranya

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Author : N M Chetna Translated By R .V Sridhar
Year : January 2017
Pages :XIV + 200
Photographs: VI
Size :140mmX210mm
Binding : Paperback

About the Book

An authentic participant’s account, presenting chronologically the step-by-step journey of the revolutionary cultural movement in Dandakaranya over thirty years. It describes with candour and humour the initial errors and setbacks on the road to achieving success in establishing deep roots within the existing people’s culture. The narration covers related theoretical questions, the adaptation and development of existing local cultural forms and the changing content according to the requirements of the various phases of the ongoing people’s revolutionary struggle. The analysis embraces not only the performing arts, but also literature like stories, novels, poetry and other writings which have grown exponentially during the period. There is also description and discussion on the building of an organizational structure to develop and train cultural and literary activists and even an exposition of the place of culture in the embryonic People’s State – the Janathana Sarkar. All in all, a very comprehensive book, rarely available in English.

Song’s refrain is peoples war
People’s War is the Refrain of the Song
Three Decades of Dandakaranya Literary and Cultural
Movement 1980-2010
By N.M . Chetna
Translated from Telegu by
Content: Foreword
2. The Entry
3. Experiences of the early days
4. Initial Problems of Translation
5. Base and superstructure
6. People, the lifeline of Song, and Song, the life of the
a) The song and dance of the people that welcomed the revolution
b) Song urged the people to get organized
c) The song in support of people’s struggles
d) Land to the tiller- the slogan that reverberates in songs and dances
e) Revolutionary songs infused fresh light into the new politics
f) “For Whose Sake are we to be displaced?” ask the people
g) Song is the echo of the heartbeats of the people amidst the flames of repression
h) Let us dig the grave for Salwa Judum!
i) People’s war: The refrain of song
j) Song on the Path of Women’s Liberation
k) Elegies in Memory of Sacrifices
7. Literary endeavour in the cultural movement
a) Peeto (Vesod) , b)Play , c) Stories , Novels and Poems ,
d) Magazine e) Other Media / Means of Propaganda
8. Organizational structure :
Training in the Fields of Literature and Arts
9. People’s State People’s Culture
10. Present Situation and the Challenges
Annexure I Red Salutes to All the Immortal
Dandakaranya Writers and Artists
Annexure II Artists and arts should move forward with the
Aim of defeating Operation Green Hunt!
Annexure III Interview with Comrade Leng, In-charge of
Dandakaranya CNM


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