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Naxalite Politics: Post-structuralist, Postcolonial and Subaltern Perspectives

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Author: Edited by Pradip Basu
First Edition : February 2017
Pages: XXII+ 384
Binding: Paperback

About the Book

“ Indeed, the upheaval was such that nothing remained the same after Naxalbari. People had to readjust their position vis-à-vis every aspect of the system: political, administrative, military, cultural” (Samar Sen). Hence, it is no wonder that various schools of thought gave rise to new understandings of the movement and the social system. This book is a pioneer inter-disciplinary work which probes into the Naxalite movement from the new post-structuralist, postcolonialist and subaltern perspectives. In the research papers incorporated in this book, Naxalite politics has been studied using several new theoretical tools- Lacanian psychoanalysis, Foucauldian bio- power, discourse, genealogy and archaeology, Derridean deconstruction, spectrality, postcolonial anamnesis, politics of taxonomy, sexual subalternity, luminal space, representation, subaltern praxis and others.
Pradip Basu: Professor of Political Science, Presidency University, Kolkata; formerly attached to CSSSC, ICSSR and Scottish Church College; Ph.D. [University of Calcutta] on Maoism in West Bengal; was involved in Naxalite Politics during 1974-1981.


Naxalite Politics: Post-structural, Postcolonial and Subaltern Perspectives Edited By Pradip basu
Post-structuralist Perspective
Naxalite Celebration of Violence: The standpoint of Lacanian Psychoanalysis
Arka Chattopadhyay
The Naxalite Critique of Capitalist Modernity and Celebration and Celebration of Socialist Modernity : a Poststructuralist Review
Dibyakusum Ray
De-Institutionalising Knowledge : Reading Culture, Power-Structure, Politics and History against the Grain, in a few Relevant Naxalite Films and Texts
Raja Basu
Situating Contradictions in Development : From the Nxalite Reevolutionary Praxis to the Foucauldian Turn to Bio-Politics in Governing Contemporary Kolkata
Saikat Maitra
The naxalite Notion of Unilinear Historical Progress: From the Viewpoints of Foucault’s Genealogy and Archaeology
Samrat Sengupta
Begetting Wayward Sons : Naxalite Insurgency and Revolutionary Motherhood in Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084
Sreya Chatterjee
Postcolonial Perspective
Spectrality beyond Control: The Naxal Uncanny- Re-thinking the Extential Ideology of The Naxalites through the lens of Raghav BAndyopdhyay’s Journal Sottor
Anirban Bhattacharjee
The Post-colonial Critic and Her Naxalite Past: Postcolonial Anammensis and the Retrospect of the Naxalite Movement in Nabaneeta Dev Sen’s Phoneix
Anyway Mukhopadhyay
Allegories of the State : Post-coloniality, Naxalite Resisitance, and the Politics of Taxanomy
Ayon K gangopadhyay
Terror , Violence and Those Fearsome Images : Turbulant Seventies and the Crisis of Bhadralok Public
Binayak Bhattacharya
The Infra-politics of the Powerless : Postcolonialism and the Naxalism in Nabarun Bhattacharya’s writings
Dibyakusum Ray

Subaltern Perspective
The Naxalie Movement and Sexual Subalternity : The Archaeology of an Absance
Anyway Mukhopadhyay
Revisiting Naxalbari Movement : A Subaltern Reading of Samaresh Basu’s Mahakaler Rather Ghora
Arjab Roy
Seeking between Naxalism and Subaltern in Limited Space
Arnab Das
Imagery as Locomotive of (Re) creating History : A Comparative Study of Gandhi from Diverse Leftwing Polemics
Debasis Poddar
Inside and Outside the State : Imaging the Indian State among Subalternists and Naxalites
Jostein Jackobsen
Subaltern and Naxalites : Voices from Junglemahal
Monica Laghate
Criminals, Revolutionaries or Romantics ? : Negotiating the Naxalite Position vis-à-vis Subalternity in and through Mother of 1084, Guns on my Red Earth, and Red Jihad
Raja Basu
The Unheard ; Kernel of Naxalite Movements
Shankhajit Sen
Subaltern Studies and the Representations of the Naxalite Movement in Indian Fiction
Shivika Mathur
Naxal Ideology and Subaltern Praxis : De-Ciphering the body in Mahasweta Devi’s Short Fiction
Swatee Sinha



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