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People at Large Popular Culture in Modern Bengal

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Editor: Amitava Chatterjee
Pages: xvi+184
Published in September2012
ISBN: 9789380677347

About the Book

Popular Culture” is a serious concern for academicians for quite a long time. We may legitimately identify certain aspect of culture in past eras as “popular” but the popular in the truest sense can be said to exist only with the context of contemporary industrial society. This link between modernity and popular derives from the vast economic, social and technological transformations that took place in the hundred years between the mid 19th and 20th centuries.

This book sets out to endow with more clarity to our understanding of aims and methods in the study of popular culture and provide inspiration for many to start analysing the phenomena that surround us in our daily way of life. It covers varied dimensions of popular culture beginning with politics and covering aspects of popular science, caste and also popular sports. This book will quench the thirst of general readers as well as academic who want to have a taste of popular culture in Bengal.

Editor Amitava Chatterjee is an Assistant Professor of History in Ramsaday College. He is working on the evolution sporting culture in colonial Bengal.


  • Introduction and Theoretical Framework
  • Interrogating Popular Culture of 19th and 20th Century Bengal: A Historical Perspective
  • Historical Trajectory of a Colonial Scientist: Achaarya Prafulla Chandra Ray
  • Political Parties and Emerging Political Culture in Post Colonial India
  • Social Reforms, national and Communal Mobilization Among the Hindi Speaking People of Calcutta in early Twentieth Century
  • Culture as Protest Anti-Fascist Progressive Movement in India (1935-45)
  • Fictionalizing History, Historicizing Pain: Bengal Partition 1947 in verse and Rituparno’s Sab Choritra Kalpanik– 2008
  • Scientific Forestry and Popular Proclivities: Jalpaiguri, c.1870-1950s
  • Women’s Protection League: A Journey of Two Decades (1924-1944)
  • Movement of White Collar Employees in Post Colonial Period (1947-1977)
  • Prafulla Chandra Ray (1861-1944): A Scientist who tried to make Science social and to make Society Scientific
  • Reconstructing the Adivasi Religious and Moral Life:Cultural Revitalization Movement among Santal Adivasis of Maldah(1905-1930)
  • From Parlour to Maidan:Sports Culture and Popular Memory in the Mediums of Representation
  • Reconstructing a Sport Event: Political, Culture and Popular Memory in the Mediums of Representation
  • Politics and Women Movement in the Context of Post Independence West Bengal
  • The Socio-Cultural Perspective in the Writings of Begum Rokeya and Faziltunnesa
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