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Rights and the ‘Left’

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Author: Nilanjana Dutta
Pages: 264
Published in: January 2015
Binding: PB
ISBN: 978-93-80677-76-7

About the Book

The rise to power of the CPI(M)-led Led Front in West Bengal in 1977 was accompanied by a rise in people’s aspirations. But it embarked on a strange journey, violating its own avowed principles, from crushing the initiative of the displaced people at Marichjhampi to undertaking a violent “development” drive. The ‘Left’ government seemed to be alarmed by the people trying to exercise their rights. However, its defeat in 2011 after 34 years of rule was not the end of a history but the establishment of a truth: ‘People are the true architects of history’. This book will be of interest to general readers and followers of current affairs as well as scholars of political science and history.
Nilanjan Dutta is a journalist and human rights activist based in Kolkata. Among his previous publications are Violation of Democratic Rights in West Bengal since Independence, Beyond Developmentalism (edited), Anatomy of an Execution: Capital Punishment and Media violence (co-authored), Nandigram and Media: Between the Battle-lines (co-authored), etc.

An Enigma called Marichjhapi
Promises and Nuances
One step forward, Two steps back
Power of the police!
Watch them, Catch them, crush them
Return of the political prisoner
Torture and tolerance
Defence of impunity
Bullet over ballot
sex and suppression
War on two fronts
Joining the ‘War and terror’
The violence of development
History, tragedy, farce
Foundation and future

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